Horse Fly & Sun Protection

Gels are ideal for more awkward areas such as the sheath, head, under the belly and backs of the heels. 500ml


Natural Fly Repellent With avocado coat conditioner Helps protect against midge bite Stops the need to rub. Does not contain citronella oil or vinegar. 1 litre.


A Groom’s Best Friend! Botanica 5-in-1 is a multi-purpose spray, with its unique formula, can be used for ALL your grooming requirements, keeping your animal cleaner, for longer. 750ml


Carr & Day & Martin Flygard is a gentle yet effective long-lasting summer spray for horses and ponies that contains citronella. 600ml


Extra strength formula contains an optimum level of 20% deet for powerful, long lasting protection. Repels midges and flying insects. Now with Equimist 360 technology for easy application. 600ml


Sweet Itch is an uncomfortable condition for both the horse experiencing it, and the owner observing it. The Killitch Sweet Itch lotion is a fully licensed and scientifically proven treatment to prevent and treat recurrent cases of equine Sweet Itch. 500m


Sweet Itch Lotion Protective Insecticidal Lotion Alleviates & Prevents Sweet Itch Effective Formulation Soothes & Calms Skin 500ml


The Equi'7 Insect Repellent Collar contains a blend of natural active ingredients; it is effective against external parasites of the horse : flies, mosquitoes, ticks The collar is effective for 3 to 4 weeks


Equimins Biting Midge Cream a gentle easy to apply cream to repel midges and flying insects that cools and soothes the horse's skin. 350g


Made with the key ingredient of Citrepel, a naturally highly effective insect repellent which has shown to outperform synthetic repellents in tests. 750ml


Relieves itching, aids healing, soothes and encourages natural hair regrowth. Soothe itch is highly recommended for sweet itch. 500g


Invaluable from spring to autumn, offering a cover for sensitive muzzles that will not rub off like sun lotion. Simple hook and loop straps attach to a headcollar and it is easily removed for quick and easy washing.


Ideal for horses that like their ears free but are particularly bothered by small flies and midges, this fine mesh mask keeps the full face covered. Pony, cob or full.


A crochet cotton fly screen with ears. One size fits all. Attaches to head collars and bridles. Great to use when riding. Colours may vary.


A fly fringe with hook and loop fastening to attatch to the head collar or bridle. Fully adjustable which overcomes the need for different sizes.

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