INSTORE ONLY. A complete and balanced raw superfood meal for dogs. Packed with 80% succulent duck and wholefoods. Grain free. Chicken Free.


INSTORE ONLY - Grain Free, A nutritious raw meal made with 80% White Fish and Mackerel, sweet potato and a blend of wholesome superfoods.


INSTORE ONLY Rich in essential vitamins, minerals and fibre, Frozzys® are the lickable straight from the tub, healthy frozen yogurt treat your dog deserves.


A perfect beginner bone! Our ethically sourced Chicken Bones are a source of healthy lean protein, and full of natural nutrients. Suitable for dogs over 10 weeks of age.


Available INSTORE only. 500g


Smart barf is ready made mix to add with your RAW food diet Just add with your daily feeds and with a base of vegetables, seeds and fruit mix it is the ideal combination for a healthy dog. 500g

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