Sea shell style perch for your birds cage. Warning; This product is not indestructable.


Swing for Budgies, Canaries, Etc. Enrichment for birds. Medium Sized Size: 5" x 6"


Brightly coloured toys to stimulate all the senses and keep birds happy all day long.Durable and hygienic,approx 26cm long x 12cm wide. A dangling interactive cage toy. Encourages natural play instincts and prevents boredom.


Ladder & Bell 6 Step. Colours may vary.


Translucent bird toy. Cutouts can be stuffed with treats. Attracts and stimulates your bird to climb and explore. Features shiny bells. Suitable for parakeets, cockatiels and similar sized birds


This millet perch has a handy treat holder so your bird can stand comfortably while enjoying their delicious treat. Colour may vary.


Plastic parekeet on a spring which is perfect for putting inside your cage to keep your canary or budgie amused for hours. Very popular bird toy which is excellent value for money. 12cm


The JW Peck a Mole Bird Toy is a fun carnival themed toy for small pet birds. Bring the fun of the carnival to the birds cage with this Peck a mole Bird Toy. Enjoy playing with and teaching your bird to twist the handle on the mallet and work out how to l


Bring the fun of the carnival to your birds cage with this Shooting Gallery bird toy. Teach your bird to use the ball on chain to knock over and spin the targets. With colourful plastic and a shiny mirror this toy is sure to grab your bird`s interest.


Boredom Breaker Budgie & Canary Double Mirror W/bell


Building Block Maze Made with 100% natural wood, leather, corn and rope pieces, the Playtime range helps to stimulate natural chewing, foraging instincts and helps prevent unwanted feather plucking.


A multi coloured toy suitable for small breeds of parrots and parakeets.


Let your parakeet feel the natural motion similar to that of a tree with this wooden swing.

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